A Little Pick Me Up

Starting the day can be tough, especially when it’s cold outside, the bed is warm, and that vacation you had (thanks to three feet of snow) is ending.  Boo.

And then you spill coffee on your favorite sweater, are reminded of the gigantic work-load waiting at the office, and can’t find any socks.  Double boo.  I mean, seriously, where do all of those socks go?

Despite the attempts of sock-goblins and coffee-spillage, I always find my morning salvaged by the weirdest, tiniest things.  For me, they’re usually random visual occurrences that turn all of my frustrated sighs into a fit of giggles–the things that turn my day around.

You know, like when you’re feeling more than a little stressed out, but the latte in your hand tells you “it’s going to be okay”.


Or when you spot The Tiniest Gorilla embarking on a big adventure.


There was that one time when my grill was astonished to discover coffee.

Astonished Grill

And this other time when some fried chicken found itself…puzzled. (I never promised good puns.)


I’ve encountered some prehistoric monsters confronted by a modern Monster.


And then, one of my favorites, this amazingly pleasant bathroom-stall graffiti!


Have you ever had your bad mood salvaged by something silly in the world around you?  Even if you haven’t, I hope that my wandering gorillas and stall-scribbles made you smile today!


3 thoughts on “A Little Pick Me Up

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  2. I am constantly wondering were all the socks go!

    One of my best bad mood remedies is snuggle time with my furbabies. There’s just something about an innocent pup’s loving face that can solve so many problems. However, coffee helps too!


    • I’ve found that coffee fixes most things. Someday, someone’s going to just admit the stuff has magical properties.

      You’re completely right about the furbabies, too! My cat is currently on a stay-cation at a relative’s home while we find a more permanent place to live. Animals always seem to know when you need the extra love.


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