A Right Proper Introduction

Coffee and books about the geography of fictional countries tend to make my mornings shiny.Welcome to State of Beeing: An artistic lifestyle blog with geeky sensibilities and a penchant for adventure.  Be prepared for thoughts on LARP and roleplaying games, culinary escapades, the chronicles of adult life, and a whole slew of doodles.

And me?  I’m Bee!  I’ve been labeled as a princess-turned-adventurer with an affection for the whimsical, attempting to make my way in the world while scribbling in the margins.  I am fueled by a love of coffee, cake, robots, and fairy tales that is surpassed only by my passion for roleplaying games.  I was raised on books and 1980s science-fiction, can’t get enough Dungeons & Dragons, and sometimes talk to animals.  The animals have a harder time talking back, of course, but hey.

The idea behind State of Beeing was to “get connected”.  Whether it’s for getting in touch with myself, with my art, or with the people around me (and around the world), I wanted to make blogging my outlet.  Blogging, itself, is something that I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the courage to actually do.

Now that I’ve finally embarked on that particular journey, I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of my adventures; fictional or otherwise.  Until then, have a look-see at some random things I’ve found just in case you’re having a bad day!


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