About the Blog

Coffeeface2I’m Bethany “Bee” O’Connor; an artist and adventurer living in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  I’m told that I’m a real-life Disney Princess, and I confess to a serious coffee addiction.  I also really like cats.  And robots.  And cake.  My true passions are for the fantastic, having been raised on a slew of books and 1980s fantasy movies–things that have ultimately fueled a life-long love of reading, LARPing, tabletop gaming, and creating.


Together with my fiancé, Cameron (the best adventuring companion I could have asked for) we’ve recently set out on our greatest escapade and most creative undertaking.  As we try to carve out our own place in the world, we’re facing the challenges of finding a home, planning a wedding, and conquering adulthood while continuing to doodle in the margins of our lives and keep the magic real.

State of Beeing is an artistic lifestyle blog with geeky sensibilities and a penchant for adventure.  The things you’ll stumble across can include:

  • My experiences with tabletop roleplaying games and live-action-roleplaying-games
  • Book and film reviews
  • Culinary escapades (that may include tragic failures)
  • The adventures of being an adult
  • Doodles.  Lots of doodles.

The idea behind the blog was to “get connected”.  Whether it’s getting in touch with myself, with my art, or with the people around me (and around the world), I wanted to make blogging my outlet.  Blogging, itself, is something that I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the courage to actually do.

After a huge number of drastic life changes,  I found myself, well, finding myself.  I suddenly had this huge list of things I wanted to pursue sitting in front of me, and I wasn’t afraid to tackle them anymore.  And now we have this blog!

So, readers, let’s strap on our satchels and sword belts, secure our magic items, and go on an adventure.  It’s going to be a long and exciting road ahead.