Home Sweet Home

Goodness gracious, it’s been about two months since my last post! I will confess, though, that the absence was totally necessary.

As I’d mentioned last time, Cameron and I found ourselves an awesome little apartment, and these last few months have been a whirlwind of packing, unpacking, furniture-hunting, and adjustment as we settle into our new home.

Coming Home

I’ve gotta say: the chaos has been completely worth it. Sure, there’s a sadness that crops up when I remember that our family is three hours north. And yeah, there have been times when I’ve felt overwhelmed by how quickly our lives have changed.

First Table and A First Dinner With Friends

But then? Then I remember that those changes have been the most positive thing I could have asked for. That I’m overwhelmed—but overwhelmingly happy. And that, even if our family and many others are now a long drive away, having two good friends show up with a crock-pot of freaking awesome stew to celebrate our obtaining a dining room table is one of those moments that makes me say:

“Yeah, we’re good.”

And hey! We have this duck.

I love this freakin' Duck.


Living the Dream

This week, I made a big ol’ Life Decision.

When I was younger, getting ready for college, and trying to determine the first crucial steps in what would become my adult life, I wanted to pursue my dream of working in the art industry.

I wanted to create something beautiful every day.  I wanted to do something that, at its core, I loved very much, and that made other people smile.  Or cry.  Or think.  You know, because art evokes emotion like that.

I was told that it was an impractical choice; told that I could never have a future in art, and that it couldn’t pay the bills.  The delivery came with an incredulous undertone.  I’ll never forget the way the words had sounded.

Later, the condemnation of what I wanted hadn’t lessened.  It only shifted focus.  As I switched gears from working as a computer technician to exploring the world of business, I was treated like some kind of eldritch abomination.

I mean, I guess being an eldritch abomination in a corporate setting can be okay?

I mean, I guess being an eldritch abomination in a corporate setting can be okay?

“You should make do with what you have”, I was told.  Never mind that my work environment was putting me in a poor place, both physically and mentally.

“You should be settling down with a house and family by now,” I was told.  Never mind that I was trying to intelligently weigh my options and ensure that I would have the stability to one day start that family.

“You won’t succeed.  You don’t know how to survive in the real world.  You’re safer without change.”

The discussions that followed were some of the most hurtful, impossibly ridiculous moments that I could have imagined.  I was branded as an awful person because I had the audacity to want something more for the future; both my future and that of my children.

So, maybe I should be settled down by now.  But why does “settling down” always sound like you have to settle?

You sure as Hell don’t have to.

I’ll be going back to school for graphic design and business administration; a choice that will serve to burnish my current career path and allow me to move forward with what I’ve always wanted to achieve.  Is it practical?  I think so.  Will everyone agree?  Probably not.  In fact, I know I’m going to stumble, and I know that I’ll face hardship, but that’s a part of life.  I happen to have an awesomely supportive future husband, friends, and family to keep me on my feet.  And you know what?  I’m not going to settle just because it’s “safe”.  I’m going to keep pushing myself and evolving so that one day I can tell my children in earnest that I’m proud of who I am, what I do, and what I’ve accomplished.

After all, building a “Me” that I love is the first step to building a family that I love even more, and I’m already on the road to doing just that.

And I get to be freaking Cthulhu.

A Little Pick Me Up

Starting the day can be tough, especially when it’s cold outside, the bed is warm, and that vacation you had (thanks to three feet of snow) is ending.  Boo.

And then you spill coffee on your favorite sweater, are reminded of the gigantic work-load waiting at the office, and can’t find any socks.  Double boo.  I mean, seriously, where do all of those socks go?

Despite the attempts of sock-goblins and coffee-spillage, I always find my morning salvaged by the weirdest, tiniest things.  For me, they’re usually random visual occurrences that turn all of my frustrated sighs into a fit of giggles–the things that turn my day around.

You know, like when you’re feeling more than a little stressed out, but the latte in your hand tells you “it’s going to be okay”.


Or when you spot The Tiniest Gorilla embarking on a big adventure.


There was that one time when my grill was astonished to discover coffee.

Astonished Grill

And this other time when some fried chicken found itself…puzzled. (I never promised good puns.)


I’ve encountered some prehistoric monsters confronted by a modern Monster.


And then, one of my favorites, this amazingly pleasant bathroom-stall graffiti!


Have you ever had your bad mood salvaged by something silly in the world around you?  Even if you haven’t, I hope that my wandering gorillas and stall-scribbles made you smile today!